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A validity check is an example of a(n) Question 2 ________ involves copying only the data items that have changed since the last partial backup. Question 3 Data matching is an example of a(n) Question 4 This tests a numerical amount to ensure that it does not exceed a predetermined value nor fall below another predetermined value. Question 5 A facility that contains all the computing equipment the organization needs to perform its essential business activities is known as a Question 6 The evidence collection method that examines all supporting documents to determine the validity of a transaction is called Question 7 With which stage in the auditing process are the consideration of risk factors and materiality most associated? Question 8 An auditor must be willing to accept some degree of risk that the audit conclusion is incorrect. Accordingly, the auditor's objective is to seek ________ that no material error exists in the information audited. Question 9 The information systems audit objective that pertains to source data being processed into some form of output is known as