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An accounting information system (AIS) processes ________ to provide users with ________. . Question 2 . Paid time-off policies, job descriptions, and procedures manuals are examples of information needed to support key decisions in what business process? . Question 3 . Which of the following is a primary activity in the value chain? . Question 4 . A change in the AIS that makes information more easily accessible and widely available within an organization is most likely to first influence the . Question 5 . A frantic StroFrinzel called the home office from Des Moines. "You have got to help me. I am about to close a great sale, but I have to be able to guarantee delivery by the fourteenth. I can't get through to the company Web site to verify delivery!" "Thank you for calling. Your call is very important to us. However, all of our lines are currently in use. Please try again later." Which of the following characteristics of useful information is absent in the situation described above? . Question 6 . The coding technique most likely used for sales orders is called a . Question 7 . The quality assurance department at a large manufacturing business enters data into the AIS that is used to produce a weekly report that summarizes the proportion of defective units in each product line. This is an example of Question 8 . A specialized journal . Question 9 . Data must be collected about three facets of each business activity. What are they? . Question 10 . A specialized journal would be most likely to be used to enter . Question 11 .