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• The 21st century auditor requires knowledge of technology and accounting information systems in addition to his / her understanding of accounting concepts and guidelines. The degree of knowledge in technology and AIS will vary with each auditor. Recommend the top- five technology and AIS skills that the 21st century auditor should have. Justify your recommendations. Now, recommend a series of actions that need to be taken by auditors and their firms to ensure that the auditors ----------------------------------------------------------------- ACC 564 Week 5 Quiz 2 FOR MORE CLASSES VISIT ACC 564 Week 5 Quiz 2 Question 1 Illegally obtaining and using confidential information about a person for economic gain is known as Question 2 The deceptive method by which a perpetrator gains access to the system by pretending to be an authorized user is called Question 3 Developers of computer systems often include a user name and password that is hidden in the system, just in case they need to get into the system and correct problems in the future. This is referred to as a Question 4