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outsourcing of various information systems functions. Provide support for your rationale. Determine who should be held liable for any breaches that occur, and indicate the course(s) of action that should ----------------------------------------------------------------- ACC 564 Week 5 DQ 1 Integrity vs. Availability and DQ 2 The 21st Century Auditor FOR MORE CLASSES VISIT ACC 564 Week 5 Discussion Questions – Week 5 Discussion "Integrity vs. Availability" Please respond to the following: In the global enterprise, firms are insistent that their accounting information systems (AIS) and other key systems are available 100% of the time, and that these systems are the highest in integrity. Evaluate how a firm manages the balance of high availability with high integrity in these days of tight budgets and additional oversight from regulators. As a student taking online classes or relying on online resources such as libraries and tech support, evaluate the benefits of the school providing you with 24 / 7 access to these resources in relation to the costs incurred by the school itself. Week 5 DB 2: "The 21st Century Auditor"