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The correct label for Shape 2 in the flowchart below is Question 15 Chuck and Jill Scruggs travel in their motor home six months of the year and buy unique artifacts. Within hours after the Scruggs make a purchase, they have photographed it, written a description of it, and posted it for sale on eBay with a reservation price. Anything that does not sell within a week is shipped back to Austin, Texas, for display in The House of Curiosities, a retail business that the Scruggs operate during the balance of the year. Which symbol should be used to represent the transfer of data to eBay in a context diagram of this process? Question 16 Most frauds are detected by Question 17 Which characteristic of the fraud triangle often stems from a lack of internal controls within an organization? Question 18 Why is computer fraud often more difficult to detect than other types of fraud? Question 19 Which of the following is a financial pressure that could cause an employee to commit fraud? Question 20