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Which of the following is conceptually similar to a journal in a manual AIS? Question 9 In an ERP system, the module used to record data about transactions in the revenue cycle is called Question 10 An audit trail Question 11 In general, a data destination will be shown by Question 12 Chas Mulligan has been hired by Yardley Security as an assistant to the internal auditor. He has been asked to thoroughly document the existing accounting information system in preparation for making recommendations for improvements to internal controls. He decides to begin with a description of the information stored in paper records, their sources, and their destinations. The documentation tool that he should employ for this purpose is a Question 13 In a payroll processing DFD, the "prepare reports" activity will be represented by ________, the "employee payroll file" will be represented by ________, and the "management" will be represented by ________. Question 14