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49. Allison is paid $500 per week. What is the amount of federal income tax withheld from Allison’s paycheck under the following conditions? Use the percentage method table in the appendix to this chapter. a. Allison is single and claims three withholding allowances b. Allison is married and claims three withholding allowances c. Allison is single and claims one withholding allowance 57. Jones Company has the following employees on payroll: Calculate the payroll for the last pay period in February. Include in your calculations federal withholding, FICA, and FUTA. Assume that Jones Company received the maximum credit for state unemployment taxes Chapter 11, complete problem 49 and problem 52. Submit these items to your instructor. 49. Will, who is single and under age 50, is employed as a full-time tax accountant at a local manufacturing company where he earns $60,000 per year. He participates in a pension plan through his employer. Will also operates a small tax practice in his spare time during tax season and has net Schedule C income of $8,000. He is interested in establishing and contributing to other retirement plans. What options are available to Will? 52. Ken is a self-employed architect in a small firm with four employees: himself, his office assistant, and two drafters, all of whom have worked for Ken full-time for the last four years. The office assistant earns $30,000 per year and each drafter earns $40,000. Ken’s net earnings from self-employment (after deducting all expenses and