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43. How much, if any, may Antonio take as a moving expense deduction on his 2014 tax return? Is that deduction subject to any conditions that could change its deductibility in the future? 47. Three types of payments are associated with a decree of separation or a divorce. a. What are those three payments b. Which one has a tax consequence c. What is the timing rule regarding the recapture period of those payments --------------------------------------------------------------------- ACC 401 Week 2 DQ 2 Itemized Deductions FOR MORE CLASSES VISIT Ch5. 48. Mickey is a 12-year-old dialysis patient. Three times a week he and his mother, Sue, drive 20 miles one way to Mickey’s dialysis clinic. On the way home they go 10 miles out of their way to stop at Mickey’s favorite restaurant. Their total round trip is 50 miles per day. How many of those miles, if any, can Sue use to calculate an itemized deduction for transportation? Use the mileage rate in effect for 2010. Explain your answer.