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a $2,000 short-term loss carryover from 2008 and a $240 long-term loss carryover from 2008. What amount will be shown as a short-term gain (loss) for 2009? What amount will be shown as a long-term gain (loss) for 2009? c. Will there be a carryover to 2010? If so, what is the nature and amount of the carryover? Chapter 8 37. Matt and Marie own a vacation home at the beach. During the year, they rented the house for 42 days (6 weeks) at $890 per week and used it for personal use for 58 days. The total costs of maintaining the home are as follows: Mortgage interest $4,200 Property taxes 700 Insurance 1,200 Utilities 3,200 Repairs 1,900 Depreciation 5,500 a. What is the proper tax treatment of this information on their tax return using the Tax Court method? b. Is there an option for how to allocate the expense between personal and rental use? Explain