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9. Question : A 37-year-old taxpayer with a dependent child and claiming head of household status has received $21,000 in child support payments and earned wages of $46,000. Which is the simplest form this person canfile? 10. Question : The basic standard deduction in 2014 for a Head of Household taxpayer who is 41 years old and not blind is: =================================================== ACC 401 Week 2 Assignment Chapter 4 problem 53 and problem 55 (UOP) FOR MORE CLASSES VISIT 53. Under the terms of a divorce decree executed May 1, 2008, Rob transferred a house worth $650,000 to his ex-wife, Linda, and was to make alimony payments of $3,000 per month. The property has a tax basis to Rob of $300,000. a. How much of this must be reported on Linda’s tax return? b. Of that amount, how much is taxable gain or loss that Linda must recognize related FFRG&6fW"bFRW6S