AcademyGO About Us

To improve the quality of life in our region by supporting and strengthening the social service sector Vision We envision communities where the spirit of cooperation thrives, the charitable, social service sector is strong, and critical needs are met. Region AcademyGO works to strengthen charitable, social service organizations including nonprofits, schools, public agencies, associations, clubs, and ministries that serve the residents of San Bernardino County and Riverside Counties. Of the more than 10,000 nonprofits serving the region, most are underfunded and lacking resources to sufficiently meet identified needs. 2,500+ Network Academy for Grassroots Organizations (AcademyGO) is an independent nonprofit management support organization working to strengthen the charitable, social service sector in the Inland Empire. Each year, AcademyGO works with hundreds of organizations and thousands of their leaders to help them learn new skills and best practices, develop resources, and collaborate in order to improve quality of life for the region’s diverse population. Programs include training, networking and collaboration opportunities, information and resources sharing, training, and technical assistance provided to organizations that address a wide variety of community needs. History AcademyGO began in 2000 in the City of Barstow, California as a networking group aimed at helping a few dozen community groups share information and resources. Today, AcademyGO is a recognized nonprofit leader, trainer, and Leadership, convener with an extensive network Best Practices, of thousands Advancing of nonprofit Missions, professionals Changing and Lives volunteers throughout the Inland Empire region. The organization is a critical component of the region’s infrastructure, as well as the capacity-building ecosystem in Southern California. Strengthening our nonprofit sector is critical for the Inland Empire and our State. The region continues to be the epicenter of new growth and demographic change in California. Yet with high rates of poverty, and poor education and health outcomes, success is in jeopardy. Impact Our increasingly robust nonprofit sector is ripe for investment and ready to scale successful programs with the help of capacity-building support. Through that support provided by AcademyGO, our program participants consistently report that we have helped them increase: • Knowledge & skills • Collaboration • Funding & resources Stronger Nonprofits = Stronger Communities = Better Quality of Life “The Fundraising Academy helped our organization to grow in the right directions. I highly recommend it.” Nonprofit Executive Director “So glad I took the course, not only for the informationand know-how, but for the contacts of reallygreat people in my class. AcademyGO is a first-class operation truly on the cutting edge with their knowledge of non-profits and our needs.” Nonprofit Board Member Millions Raised “Since taking the class our organization has secured at least an additional $500K in funding.” Nonprofit Development Director