Academy Journal Volume 58 - Page 9

               General Ronald K. Nelson Field: This new field was opened in January 2017 built with artificial turf and night lights. The field has been a great success with providing year-round play for our athletic programs, extended night-time playing and generation of rental income to outside youth sports groups. College Drive Re-Design: With the addition of the two new freshman dormitories, it was neces- sary to reposition the layout of lower College Drive for safety reasons. In addition, the road required major repairs and repaving. The new layout is very attractive which included the addition of new parking spaces. Grant Hall Foundation: The steel beams used in the foundation had corroded to a point where the building was becoming structurally unsafe. The resident hall was closed the entire year so ma- jor renovations could be done with replacing cor- roded steel beams secured by new concrete foot- ings and a basement floor. continued decline in satisfaction with the previous vendor which was the primary reason to make a change. Student Advising Office: A new office was es- tablished to help students with planning and man- aging their course load in pursuit of their desired field of study. Part-time staffing was added to improve the focus on student needs and reaching successful outcomes. Career Planning Program: The career planning function was enhanced to better prepare students for finding gainful employment upon graduation. Additional seminars, speakers and recruiting events were added to the program where students practiced interviewing skills, resume preparation and development of individual strategies to find a desired position in their field of interest. Enrollment Growth The admissions office added recruiters and re- cruiting resources such as student databases, ad- vertising and device connections to mobile devic- es to make the connection to promising recruits more productive and effective. The results saw a marked increase in students who were a g )ȁ 币ѡ币 ݥѠɕեд)́ȀܴյĔٕȁѡɥ)啅ȸQ́ɕ݅́ͥѥٔѡͥ)ѕ́Ѽٕɽȁɕձ́ѡ)̸)MՑЁIѕѥ)9܁M٥Aɽ٥ͥ݅́)Ѽѡ͕٥ٕȁM)M٥͕́݅́ѕMݥɽ٥)ȁՅ䁽ɥѥ́)̰́ݕ͕٥́)ɴѼхԁѥ̸́)Յ䁅ɔ䁙ѽȁՑЁɽЁ)̸ͥQՑЁͅѥ͙ѥٕ́͡ݕ) 币ѡ币 I)ȸ ɐ)P) 币ѡ币ȁѡȁѡɐѠ啅̸)%شܰؔѡՑ́ݕɔѡȁԴ)ȁȁ͕ȁ啅̸ȁɕɕ̔Դ)́ɽݕɔѡȁչȁ)͕ȁ啅̸Q͡ЁɽЁѽ݅ɐ )ѡ廊éȵ啅ȁɽɅ́ݥѠѕ)ѡ ́хٕȁѡЁ܁啅́Ѽ)ɕѡ́ȵ啅ȁɽɅ̸%(ش܁ѡ́ѥՕݥѠѡЁѵ)ȁѡ1Յ)1ѕɅɔѵЁȁ)ȁՑ́ɅՅѥݥѠɔ)ѕ́ѡ́啅ȁ͕Ё͕ٕɅ܁ɕɑ̰ݥѠѡ)Ё٥́ѡյȁɅՅѕ̀ѡ)ɕ٥́MɍЁѡԴ)́ݡѕɕѡ́ɕɹ)Դ؁ȁѡȁչȁ啅Ȱ͕ѥɕɐ)ͥѕѼѡѡɐ啅ȁЁ 币ѡ常Q)ѡ́啅ȁѡ͕́ЁѡɕɐȁͥѕѼ)ѡȁѠ啅ˊQQɕ٥́ɔ)ɐД͕݅́Ёѡ啅ȁɔAɥȁѼ)ݕȁѡɽՑ́ɕɹѼ(