Academy Journal Volume 58 - Page 42

the academy journal the art, architecture, and history of Glencairn as a New Church home. These articles are written by Glencairn’s curator Ed Gyllenhaal and museum researcher Kirsten Gyllenhaal, as well as by re- spected scholars in the field. Three such articles written by outside scholars this year included, “Protective Images from Glencairn’s Medieval Sculpture Collection,” “Assyrian Reliefs in Glen- cairn Museum: Framing the Ancient Past,” and “Glencairn’s Two-Foot Tall Medieval Hymnal.” Ed Gyllenhaal also had a chapter published in Religion and Museums: Global and Multidisci- plinary Perspectives (2017), entitled, “Religion at Glencairn Museum: Past, Present, and Future.” Facilities Improvements Facilities initiatives included the restoration and modernization of Glencairn’s front terrace foun- tain, exterior repointing of the Upper Hall apse, and the completion of a comprehensive mechani- cal, electrical, and plumbing survey. This survey provided an assessment of the expected lifespan of Glencairn’s core infrastructure systems critical to informing the necessary, and significantly costly, strategic initiatives that must be put in place over the next decade to preserve the integrity of the building, while also providing preliminary inves- tigation into the potential for improved climate control. In April 2017, Glencairn’s front fountain, which holds such fond memories for so many, operated once again for the first time in nearly forty years. The project provided for the restoration of the original granite walls surrounding the fountain as well as the outer fountain rings, maintaining the graceful basket weave spray of the original foun- tain. All new mechanicals were installed, includ- ing variable speed pumps and an elaborate filter- ing system, along with new center spray nozzles and LED lighting. 42