Academy Journal Volume 58 - Page 41

                        The Museum’s annual Sacred Arts Festival in- troduces visitors to the notion of art as an expres- sion of human faith. The Venerable Losang Samten once again constructed a traditional Tibetan Bud- dhist sand mandala during the week leading up to the festival, interacting throughout the week with students from the Academy Secondary Schools, Bryn Athyn College, and area schools. This event also provides an opportunity each spring for the Museum to promote Bryn Athyn College’s Build- ing Arts program, with demonstrations in metal forging, glass painting, stone carving, and mosa- ics by some of the College program’s lead instruc- tors. Other demonstrations included glassblower Jason Klein (Historic Glassworks), who once again remained on site after the festival for a busy week of programs for Bryn Athyn Church School, the Academy Secondary Schools, regional elemen- tary schools, and homeschool groups, as well as a Glencairn first with Pennsylvania Dutch barn star painting by Patrick Donmoyer. The Museum ended its event season with a new initiative, An Evening in the Cloister, designed to engage a new demographic with what the Museum can offer, and welcomed hundreds of visitors along with its partners within the Bryn Athyn Historic District at Landmarks in Lights. A June highlight, however, was hosting the banquet for the Sweden- borg and the Arts Conference in Glencairn’s Great Hall, preceded by a specially designed self-guided tour of the key works in Glencairn’s collections by artists inspired by Swedenborg and his theological works. patron-level members. In October, Julian Gargiu- lo, who plays regularly in such venues as Carnegie Hall, Moscow Conservatory Hall, Verona Philhar- monic Hall (Italy), The Esplanade (Singapore), and the Seymour Theatre Centre (Australia) enter- tained guests with lively and humorous personal stories and insights into his performance style, while in May, Les Canards Chantants treated guests to up-close exclusive performance in Glen- cairn’s medieval gallery. Membership In November, the Museum sponsored a Members Trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to visit the landmark exhibition, Jerusalem 1000—1400: Every People Under Heaven. This exhibition, dem- onstrating Jerusalem’s role as a key source for me- dieval artistic inspiration, included two 12 th cen- tury stained glass panels on loan from Glencairn’s collection, A Triple Coronation and Crusaders Ad- vance on Jerusalem (both from the Abbey Church of St. Denis). These two prominently-displayed panels were the only stained glass in the exhibi- tion, which included 200 works of art from 60 lenders worldwide. An on-site Members Event in March, Religion and Healing Practices, introduced members to the role of religion in the healing practices of three seemingly very different cultures: Pennsylvania Dutch, Ancient Egyptian, and Medieval Chris- tian. Patrick Donmoyer, site director of the Penn- sylvania German Cultural Heritage Center and curator of a temporary exhibition in Glencairn’s Upper Hall,  Powwowing in Pennsylvania: Heal- ing Rituals of the Dutch Country  exhibition, of- fered members an introduction to the exhibition and healing practices of the Pennsylvania Dutch. Members then moved to the Museum’s Egyptian gallery to explore how Ancient Egyptians incor- porated amulets and statuettes in their healing rituals, and learned how medieval Christians used herbs to cure and prevent illness. Concert Series Glencairn’s 2016-2017 concert series included performances by pianist Julian Gargiulo, violin- ist Elizabeth Pitcairn (joined by pianist Louise Thomas and with special appearances of Luzerne Music Center Festival students, Malachi Ahlert, Sarah Martin, and Ellie Taylor), the Wister Quar- tet, and two performances by Glencairn Museum’s Ensemble in Residence Les Canards Chantants, in addition to th Ѡɸ ɥѵ́M) 币ѡ币 ͼѕɱͥ)ЁȁՑ̰յɥ́)ɻéɕЁ!)QЁ͕ͽՑݼѥєɔ)ЁɕѽˊéIѥ́Ѽȁ́)I͕ɍAՉѥ)ɸ5͕մ9͕ٕ́́́х)́͡ɥѡ5͕շéͥݥѠٕ(԰Չ͍ɥ́ѡɽ՝͍ɱ䁅ѥ́)ݽɭ́Ёɻéѥ́ȁ(