Academy Journal Volume 58 - Page 39

                        Glencairn Museum Brian Henderson, Director G lencairn Museum serves as a museum of re- ligious art and history, whose mission is to engage students and visitors with religious beliefs and practices – past and present – by exploring art, artifacts, and other cultural expressions of faith within their religious context. A special focus of this mission is to preserve and interpret works of art as illustrations of New Church beliefs and practice. During 2016-2017, more than 18,000 stu- dent and adult visitors engaged with this mission through an educational program, event, tour, or exhibition. September 2016 marked the inaugural meeting of the Glencairn Museum Committee, chaired by Eileen Glenn as a member of the Academy of the New Church Board of Trustees. This committee, appointed by the Academy Board, replaced the Glencairn Museum Advisory Council, which had been in place since 2011. The Academy Board has delegated oversight of Museum operations to this new Glencairn Museum Committee, including: 1) ensuring that the uses of Glencairn are consis- tent with the mission of the Academy of the New Church and Glencairn Museum by approving all policies and guidelines defining such uses of the Museum, 2) approving the Museum’s mission statement and strategic plan, and 3) approving the Museum annual operating and capital budgets. closely with Bryn Athyn College faculty to identify objects within the collections that can enrich key course themes and concepts, contribute to courses through guest lectures, make available original ar- chival material, and design museum- and gallery- based assignments and projects. Throughout the academic year, Bryn Athyn Church School students visited the Museum 17 times, while Academy Secondary School classes made 65 visits. From first graders exploring the Far East to sophomores studying the Middle Ages, Glencairn’s educators invite students to “read” and appreciate the art and artifacts in the Muse- um’s collections as material expressions and illus- trations of the religious beliefs and practices of the culture and period they are studying. Bryn Athyn College courses in art, history, and religion inte- grated the Museum’s galleries and archives into their curriculum, and three College courses used Glencairn as their primary classroom. The Mu- seum also offered its regular year-long museum education internship to three Bryn Athyn Col- lege students, who were mentored by Glencairn’s museum educators and who learned and delivered educational programs to visiting elementary and homeschool groups. In June, 77 children (ages 9-10) from 11 states and three countries attended one of two weeks of Mythology camp, where they learned about the religion and culture of Ancient Mesopotamia, Ancient Egypt, Classical Greece and Rome, the Celts, and Native American by exploring art and artifacts in the Museum’s collections, and through hands on projects and activities. A key element of Glencairn’s annual summer camps are the ANCSS and Bryn Athyn College student teaching assis- tants (ten in 2016-2017), who themselves are de- veloping skills and gaining experience in museum education, while being mentored by Museum staff. Museum Education A core purpose of the Museum is to enrich the New Church classroom education that students receive at Bryn Athyn Church School, Academy of the New Church Secondary Schools, and Bryn Athyn College. To this end, the Museum is proud to of- fer a rich array of programs for BACS and ANCSS custom designed by the Museum to fit within each teacher’s curriculum and offered free by museum educators to our schools. Museum staff also work 39