Academy Journal Volume 58 - Page 37

                        and non-fiction. With 28 members, Cairn- wood’s book club continues to attract new members from outside of the community, while also retaining a base group of loyal readers from within the Bryn Athyn com- munity. grounds as “classrooms” for educational programs throughout the year. Cairnwood welcomed Bryn Athyn College students taking a course entitled Topics in Twentieth-Century Architecture, Bryn Athyn’s National Historic Landmarks. The Gar- den House provided classroom space for the first five lectures in the course, with break out tours to study various aspects of Cairnwood’s architec- ture, landscape, and history. The remainder of the course was taught at Glencairn, the Archives, and the Cathedral. The Bryn Athyn Church School 7 th grade girls also enjoyed a class trip to Cairnwood. Culminating their studies of the Victorian Period and the American Gilded Age, this annual visit to Cairnwood continues to be a special delight for the girls. Alumni and Student Experience: Alumni created memories at Cairnwood over Charter Day weekend. Daily complimentary guided historic tours were offered to ANC and BAC alumni Thursday through Sunday. On Friday evening, the class of 1976 hosted a reunion dinner in the main house and the class of 1956 simulta- neously hosted a gathering in the Garden House. The Mix & Mingle event on Saturday night was a tremendous success. The event sold out with over 250 tickets purchased by school alumni. Cairnwood encouraged student collaboration and cross-pollination of ideas by accepting intern- ship applications from Bryn Athyn College as well as from other universities. The Estate proudly of- fered internships with a focus on marketing, hos- pitality, education, and history. Rachel Elphick, a sophomore majoring in Business at Bryn Athyn College, completed a hospitality internship while supporting receptions and private rentals during the Fall event season. Sarah Jackson, also a sopho- more at Bryn Athyn College majoring in Human Society and minoring in Public History, became a certified Historic Tour Guide. Sarah has expressed interest in learning more about collections and ex- hibit planning and will begin a 50-hour internship in conjunction with her Public History course dur- ing the 2017/18 school year. The project will include cleaning and packing the Cairnwood hat collection and assisting Director of History & Education, Lisa Parker-Adams, with the interpretation of items in preparation for the 2017 Christmas exhibition. Cairnwood hosted intern Naomi Sosnovsky, a graduate of The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City where she received a Master’s degree in Fashion and Textile Studies with a curatorial em- phasis. Naomi provided vital expertise researching a selection of garments from the Glencairn Muse- um Archives and co-curating the holiday exhibition entitled Variations in Vintage Velvet: Pattern, Plush, and Pile c. 1882-1940. Naomi completed 127 hours re- searching and writing label copy. She also continued to work on the project with Lisa via email when she relocated to England to pursue a second Master’s degree at Oxford University. The Est єѥՕѼȁ́ɽ́)%ɽٕ)䁥ɽٕ̰ݡɔ٥хѼȁ̴)ͥѼɕ͕ٔ ɹݽȁɔɅѥ̰)ݕɔѕչȁѡЁɕ)91խ ݅́ɕ́ձѥ!ѽɥ)ɥЁͥхЁ ե́5ȁѼɕ)ݥѠѡɕѽɅѥѕɕ͕ل)ѥѡѡѥՅ䁽ѡե̸)IѽɅѥɽ́)ѡѕɥȁݕɔѕɽՅѠѼ)5ɍȁܸɥѡ͕́ɥ)Յ͕٥Ѽѕ́ѡ͔ݕɔȴ)ɵQ͔Ցѥ́ѡɄ)ѽȰɔɕͥѕѡ͕аɔ)ɵ̰!Y եЁ͕٥Qեє)эAͥ՝́ѡɐɽ)՜ѡЁȁݕɔɕٕȁ)ѡɕɽ́э́ѡ)5!͔ɑ!͔ݕɔѕͅ)ѥ镐ѡٕ́ݕɔɕ͕)%ɽٕ́Ѽѡչ)ɕЁѼѡэɍݕɔͼ)ѕQ́݅́ѡЁ͔Ս)ݽɬѡѠѡ͔չ)Ѽɕ́ѡՍѡѠд)ɐ݅ɕѡɕٔɽٕ)ȁMɥ) ѥ5Ё1͍)IѽɅѥ)ɕՔɽ͕Ёѡ́݅́ɔ)͕ѕ ɹݽѼ٥IͽᕍԴ)ѥٔɕѽȁѡAIѽɄ)ѥQЀAIPQхєѕMݽ(