Academy Journal Volume 58 - Page 34

the academy journal Bryn Athyn Historic District Cairnwood Estate Shannon K. Walko, Director T Operations: he Cairnwood staff continues to contribute to the Bryn Athyn Historic District’s recogni- tion and visibility by working tirelessly to main- tain stellar customer service for a variety of private rental events. The full effect of the new reception- only policy, established in May 2015, has amount- ed to a 25% decrease in venue and equipment rent- als. Decreased rental income related to weddings was offset by additional streams of revenue and increased income from sales and services such as: Special Events, memberships, gift shop sales, and tour fees. The Estate finished out the year with a net deficit of $68,391 before depreciation. The year closed out with a net ordinary income of -$155,280 from operating income and expenses. Investment income totaling $87,000 assisted with offsetting the deficit. Fiscal 2016/2017 was also the fifth consecutive year in which Cairnwood operated without fi- nancial support from the Glencairn Endowment. Expenses for maintenance, operations, personnel, Academy shared service allocations as well as con- tributions to the archivist, the Historic District, and Bryn Athyn borough were favorable for the year. The total number of preferred caterers was re- duced from seven to four companies. Sage Ca- tering, Feastivities Events, Karen Spire Catering, and Jamie Hollander Gourmet Foods & Catering continue to be listed as recommended vendors and they sponsor Special Events throughout the year. Limiting the preferred caterer list has decreased wear-and-tear on the venue, eliminated hurdles for clients, created a more collaborative sales ef- fort, and improved event planning. Negotiations with our exclusive tent provider, The Party Center, have been completed. The 2017 pricing has remained the same and new rates for the tent rental were locked in from 2018 to 2020. The 16 ft x 30 ft awning was installed on the upper terrace in Spring of 2017 where it remained for the duration of the event season. It continues to serve as an added amenity for inquiry clients and reduces the risk of damage to the south façade of the house by limiting the installations a nd breakdowns of the awning structure. 34