Academy Journal Volume 58 - Page 29

    sen. Eyvind Boyesen, Marah’s husband, as well as their two older children are integral members of the school community as a teacher and students respectively. The staff and students, in cooperation with a host of support structures and services, were shining examples of a light in the darkness. The compassion, sensitivity, courage, strength, and love exhibited by so many people was a hum- bling and uplifting experience in the midst of ter- rible tragedy. Despite the lingering emotional wound, winter term was successful as students refocused their energies on academics, athletics, and all manner of other activities on campus. In February, we in- vited middle school students to come on campus for a Performing Arts Workshop which was suc- cessful and served to introduce potential future ANC students to some of the fantastic opportuni- ties and facilities we can offer to those interested in the performing arts. The wrestling program represented ANC very well in the Friends League, earning first place for back-to-back seasons as league champions. During the spring, our drama team put to- gether an outstanding rendition of Mary Poppins and as is tradition, we had a huge percentage of the student body involved in every aspect of the production from acting to set design and produc- tion to costuming to stage crew to ushering. Once again, we employed the services of Flying by Foy to provide dramatic aerobatics for several of the performers. It was “magical” to watch Mary Pop- pins float above the rooftops with her umbrella in hand. Finally, in June, we graduated the class of 2017 and wished them well in their next steps. Leann Hill was our Graduation Speaker and Wes We- dell was the Boys School Valedictorian. The Boys School awards medals for “Outstanding Scholar- ship and Leadership” that acknowledge in particu- lar the values of integrity, activity, and variety. The class of 2017 was particularly strong and the facul- ty presented a total of five awards. Galen Stevens- King and Wes Wedell were awarded gold medals. Ben Conroy, Eric Zhang, and Brayden Boyesen were awarded silver medals. The class dedicated their yearbook to Marah and Eyvind Boyesen and the quote chosen for their banner is from Psalm 29: ”The Lord will bless His people with peace.” The high school years can carry tough chal- lenges for many of our boys as they learn how to become young men. We are incredibly fortunate to be able to welcome the Lord into our education- al space and see Him working through the staff and students in a multitude of ways every day. It’s true: the Lord does bless His people with peace. And ANC is one of the special places where the Lord’s blessings and peace are acknowledged and embraced. One of the blessings that I would like to ac- knowledge is Kira Schadegg. In her first year as Girls School Principal, she exemplified the con- cept of servant-leader and did everything in her power to provide professional, caring, thoughtful, and responsive servi ḾѼݽɬݥѠ)ɕ͕́ЁѼѡѥѥ$)ɅѕհȁѡչѼݽɬݥѠՍ)ݽəհՔ)]݅ɵ䁥٥єԁѼх䁍ɕЁݥѠ)ȁ́=ȁM5 ѕ)́ݕѼ͍́ѕ́ѥ́Ѽ)ȁݕͥєܹ̹ɜ(ܹ̤%ԁݽձѼ)٥ͥЁ̰Ёٔ́]eٔѼٔ)ԁѽȁ͡܁ԁ܁ݔɔх她Ք)ѼѥɕɅѥ́ݡ݅́Ѽ)ɅѥɕمаمՅɸͼ)(