Academy Journal Volume 58 - Page 13

               Friends of the Swedenborg Library (FOSL) We are especially mindful of trying to meet the needs of the ‘whole student’ by experimenting with opportunities to reduce stress and add an el- ement of relaxation into their busy schedules by providing coloring, knitting, and gaming materi- als. At the same time, we continue to be supportive of campus efforts that assist academic achievement and learning experiences, including the popular triannual ‘Long Night Against Procrastination’ (LNAP) and the ACE (Academic Career Excel- lence) Program. Finally, we responded to student remarks in the annual outcomes survey by extend- ing our weeknight hours. The annual meeting of FOSL was held on Sun- day, February 12, 2017. In a change of venue, the meeting took place in the Pendleton Hall Audi- torium to accommodate the live-streaming of the guest speaker’s talk: the Rev. Dr. Jonathan S. Rose who spoke on the interesting twists and turns experienced in translating Swedenborg’s writings. His talk: Indexing his way into further enlightenment: discovering Swedenborg’s process through translation is available online at: https:// In the business meeting that followed, the Friends approved two funding proposals from the Li- brary Director: to construct a computer kiosk in the stacks area of the upper level so that pa- trons are able to access the library’s online cata- log and website; and to support the College ACE (Academic Career Excellence) Program’s “Long Night Against Procrastination” that is held once a term in the library. This gift, total- ing $4,000, is one more example of the long-term support provided by FOSL. We are very grate- ful for these generous donations that enable us to enhance the library’s resources and services. FOSL also sponsored three art exhibits dur- ing the year: Tania Alden (paintings, Fall 2016); Fred Moore (photography, Winter 2016-2017); and Martha Gyllenhaal (drawings and paintings, Spring 2017). In a very generous gesture, Dr. Gyl- lenhaal donated funds to install a new, gallery- grade art hanging system, provided by The Art of Framing in Jenkintown. Library Spaces To promote advocacy and awareness of library space needs, in early 2017 the Director formed an ad-hoc committee to review proposed changes to library spaces, and to provide suggestions and support as our campus population grows. At the same time, in anticipation of the increased need for study space in the library, as well as to improve the relevance and appeal of our print collections, we have embarked on a significant weeding proj- ect to de-accession out-of-date and unused books in our Library of Congress (non-fiction and ref- erence) collections. The process involves book-by- book examination and collaboration with faculty to ensure that the collections continue to reflect the academic curriculum and support research. In conjunction with that, we have identified books in those collections that mention Swedenborg or the New Church and have added red stickers noting “Swedenborgian Heritage” to the spine labels. Ref- erence notes are also added to the records in our online catalog. De-accessioned items are donated to Better World Books for resale that supports lit- eracy programs worldwide; made available to the public through the Friends of the Swedenborg Li- brary’s ongoing used book sale; or free for the tak- ing from our ‘Last Chance’ cart. To increase the usefulness of our public computer space, in March 2017 we reoriented the workstations to allow for informal class use, if needed. The reconfiguration also improves traffic flow in that area, and provides additional usable space for casual seating. Finally, the use of our existing group meeting/classroom spaces has grown to almost full capacity. To make scheduling spaces more efficient, we have prepared Microsoft Outlook calendars for the Friends of the Swedenborg Library Room and the Small Group Study Room so potential users can check availabil- ity and reserve the spaces. Volunteers We will always be in debt to the many volunteers who, through their hard work and welcome pres- ence, help us make the library a wonderful place to be. There are many tasks that simply would not get done without their constant and enthusiastic sup- port--donating 446 hours of their time in the past year. Our deepest thanks go to: Lynn-Del Sand- strom (new materials processing); Gerda Fiske (paperback Browsery maintenance and FOSL used book sorting); Vera Glenn (FOSL used book sorting); Donnette Alfelt (archival boxes); Kelly Asplundh (archival boxes); Sonia Doering (book mending: Mending Committee Chair); Jackie Bos- tock (book mending); Jane Bostock (book mend- ing); Janet Simons (book mending); and Michelle Rose (catalog database maintenance.) 13