Academic Affairs Newsletter Fall 2015, Issue 4 - Page 24


There are numerous students who do not have the money to purchase books for their classes. Many become creative and share their textbooks, photocopy pages of a textbook, or just completely forgo the book as the expense may seem to students just not worth it.


Annual Undergraduate University Estimated Cost for Books and Supplies for 2015-2016*

For Full-time students, we estimate the cost for books and supplies up to $1,764.

For Part-time students, we estimate the cost for books and supplies to range from $500 - $850.

* Updated on February 26, 2015. Site reference:

Angie Maldonado, freshman majoring in Child Development taking Dr. Jose Martinez UNV 101 class states, “I recommend professors at CSUDH to not use textbooks as their main source of knowledge so this way us students spend our money on necessary needs.” The financial burden of getting an education is extensive with just getting books and supplies.

Angie Maldonado, Freshman

AL$ in Year 5

Angie further explains, “I believe that it is great not having a textbook for the UNV 101 class because first, it is great not having to buy an expensive book that may not be useful at all times. By not having a textbook us students expand our craving for knowledge and we look for other options to further our knowledge. These options vary from videos, peers, professors, and the list goes on. The great thing about these options is that they are free and most of the time more useful than an outdated five pound book. By not having books, we learn the necessary points that are useful during our topics of discussion.”

Dr. Gurmohanjeet Bevli, Department of Physics states, “Textbook cost really prevents students to buy the textbooks on time or at all. Students do not want to use money to buy a textbook as they see it as an expense not worth making.” Dr. Bevli teaches Physics 130 - General Physics 1 (fall 2015 – Part 1 of 2 semester course). Estimated enrollment is 65 students (many of these students are seniors from the California Academy of Math and Science High School). Dr. Bevli requests more from his students as the class goes at a faster pace and deeper level. The degree of difficulty for homework and test are more

by Donna Cruz