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Follow Dr. Marco N. Barusco -Tempus Hair Restoration live in a direct transmission to the scientific meeting of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, where he will perform a hair transplant Live broadcasting as the pre - conference are part of the scientific meeting, held on 14 January. The event was organized by Dr. Barusco - Tempus Hair Restoration Team, and the surgery will be broadcasted by the Office of Tempus Hair Restoration in Port Orange, Florida, at the conference in Fort Lauderdale, Florida . that the scientific meeting participants can enjoy lectures and other conference sessions since it will last five days. The Tempus Hair Restoration focuses on provi ding an education about hair loss, along with the best course of action for their patients. Dr. Marco N. Barusco is internationally known for its expertise, innovation and artistic ability when it comes to hair restoration. He speaks fluent English, Portuguese and Spanish and is on the board of several associations such as the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery and the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery . For more information, visit The procedure is expected to last for 7 hrs beginning at 8 am ending at 5 pm when Dr. Barusco and his team will be monitored throughout the procedure of hair transplantation , since preoperative considerations collection of hair follicles to creating the location and placement of the graft. He plans to demonstrate both the strip method as the FUE method of hair restoration . The operation aims to be an interactive event between the http://www.tempushair.com conference room and the Tempus team. Phone # : ( 877 ) 877-5200 . “ We will have a live microphone so the audience can ask questions as we show the procedure ,” said Dr. Barusco . In the afternoon, the pre - conference will feature lectures and group discussions . The live broadcast of the surgical procedure will continue with updates and Q & A sessions The live surgery will give conference attendees a new method of learning outside of the ordinary lectures . “ The idea of live surgery is established as something that is of great importance to experience the real procedure,” said Dr. Barusco . Still, Dr. Barusco considers that it is important