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Initially I would like to introduce myself, I want to show the honor and gratitude to be debuting my column about soccer in essence for such a prestigious magazine and such a select audience. My name is Igor Moura, the sports reporter at News System Journal of Commerce & Communication, located in Recife, and arguably the greatest communication system in the North / Northeast of Brazil. My passion for the sport came from the crib with a professional athlete father, and today I work with what I love and I'll be happy from now on to share it with all readers, opinions about the most popular sport in the world . Soccer. To start, nothing better than to draw a parallel between the Brazilian soccer and Soccer in the United States, which in my opinion, is among the three countries in the world where the practice evolves with more notoriety. The numbers prove this thesis. Growth in average attendance at MLS games, or Major League Soccer is huge, reaching more than 20,000 people per game, average even higher than the Brazilian Championship. Of course, the technical discrepancy between Brazilian and American clubs is still great, but the organization and aspiration to higher flights of US Soccer is what makes the difference making a parameter with the CBF, the Brazilian Football Confederation. The highest entity in Brazilian Soccer-CBF is extremelly disorganized, with stagnation due to the success of the Brazilian team throughout history and the changes of results on the pitch in the courts that happened at the end of 2013, the legal battle between Fluminense and Portuguesa, in which Fluminense got away from demotion due to the fact that Portuguesa assigned an irregular athlete, and at the end, winning the Brasileirão championship in a regretful way. Unlikely, the exciting MLS US Season in which Sporting KC deservedly won the title in a frantic final against Real Salt Lake. Two surprises that showed everyone how the tournament is balanced, since the LA Galaxy, New York Red Bulls and Toronto FC of Canada usually invest more in their casts and still fell by the wayside. Just now the American teams must front against Mexican rival in ConcaChampions, with such an exaggerated hegemony of Latinos, who, despite having really good times, do not usually perform a good role in the FIFA Club World Cup. Brazil has no mystery. A Selection of medians and maximum good for clashes against Brazil to face Brazil. Coach Luiz Felipe Scolari was able to draw the most of every athlete, implement a system of effective and psychologically swinging game from each player, something his predecessor Mano Menezes failed to do. Result:undisputed title in the Confederations Cup and beautiful presentations in pre - Cup friendlies. His rivals surely will put a fight for the vacancy in 2nd place in the group. Croatia with some good values as Mandzukic and Modric on an ​​ average team, speedy team Mexico still unsure whether or not they will have their talents playing in Europe, highlighting Chicharito Hernández and Andrés Guardado and Cameroon betting on phsical strength and two athletes of above average quality : Song, of Barcelona and Eto from the Chelsea . Another point on which I favor is the inclusion of at least one MLS team in the Libert Yܙ\