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The Zen Art of Larissa Namaste My first story of 2014 is a young artist from Cascavel Parana, her name Lari Namaste stage name Larissa Trento . Namaste in Sanskrit, is a greeting much used in India and Nepal by Hindus, Sikhs , Jains and Buddhists. It is accompanied by a gesture made with hands clasped across the chest, fingers up. Literally means " I bow before thee", with reference to the respect among the Gods who dwell within us . Larissa Trento, ParanĂ¡ artist in visual arts, already drawing on the walls of the house as a child with crayons, began her career in 1999 (the year she attended classes in painting and drawing with Artist Brandaly Tomasetto ). Always observant of the arts, lived in Italy for 11 months between August 2004 and July 2005, visited the numerous and splendid Arts Museums of Europe and studied Art History throughout the period, in the Province of Turin. Her Atelier is at her own home where she creates and devotes her passion for oil on canvas, drawings and mandalas . Event " SINGLE MOON " (Lua Unica) in which Visual Arts, Music and Poetry are united in The Cascavel City and region, with its 1st edition in novembro/2013 with nine artists . In Cascavel / Parana-Brasil, Lari Namaste promotes workshops and Art Classes Painting as volunteer, all with great music and ink, usually for children. " Children are free, not afraid to express themselves and to be judged on their creations. They simply create, play freely with the paint, and it is " LARI Namaste " is a lover of Im- lovely to see. Creativity comes from pressionism, spontaneous realism, freedom ... Till today I throw paint the colors of nature, culture, life and on the canvas just to see what hapassiduous practitioner of Quantum pens ..." Yoga. Artistic Director of the Cultural