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project investigates the identity of Brazilian fashion, rescuing essence focusing in our culture. We invite you for a reflection on the identity in the current Brazilian fashion, especially in cultural manifestations of our people and the richness of our handicrafts, such as embroidery and crochet. With cuts, prints and unique embroidery, Vanuza Barbara has always imprinted her pieces, plus a combination of colors and shapes marking their identity and the region they live. This time she will not be alone : to foster the setting of regional fashion, the designer joined the Group of Women Embroiderers Making Art Ipatinga, a cooperative of women who see embroidery as a new way of life . PATRICIA MOURA - A Better Living Met the mining Vanuza Barbara during the third edition of the Paraty EcoFashion that happened in September last year in Paraty/ RJ and I was mesmerized by her work presented at the Creative Fair, one of the event actions for sustainable fashion. Working together, they gave a new look to fabric discarded by ProVest Factory Uniforms, applying techniques developed in their workshops and performing an exchange of information with the designer and her story . sire of all women, foreign and Brazilian, who visited the fair which took place in the days of The EcoFashion, thus the beautiful work by Vanuza Barbara, combined with the high environmental value, and ot is with great pleasure that I present to you the designer and motiva- As inspiration for the development tional Carne Seca Cultural Project, of this project, the designer is based on the artist’s work, architect and designed by her: stage designer Flavio Império. I saw a collection full of personality Carne Seca Cultural Project and style, perfect for women with attitude. Embroidered and hand Fashion, culture and sustainabilipainted well fitted with a clean fin- ty. Tailoring these three ideas, this ish, that became the object of de- Working with shortage of resources as a creative possibilityand Imperio’s trade mark, had a direct influence in Vanuza Barbara.