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The Greatest show on Earth is still the greatest show! The Circus is in town! Ringling Brother’s Barnum & Bailey Circus present LEGENDS, brought to you by Feld Entertainment a spectacle with the best a Circus can offer, great thrills with trapeze, hair stunts, Chinese performers and acrobats with great Gymnastic abilities. The Globe with 8 motorcycle riders inside, horse riders, tigers, elephants, clownns and so much more. The show at The Amway Arena didn’t disappoint anyone, the audience kept alive and always applauding, responded well to the Master of Ceremonies all the way to the end. If you went to the Circus when you were a kid, this show will show you how much the circus evolved, how the wardrobe is designed with style, live music with quality, songs and choreography created to enhance the theme even more. The circus today is more interactive and less scary. The thrills are good enough to make you hold your breath for a moment, and everything leads to cheer, and applause. It is hard to describe everything in detail, you must see it for yourself.