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KYBOE! watches are bright, bold and beautiful, inspired by the endless flower fields the Netherlands is known for. snobbish preconceptions and re-calibrate my thinking to expand into the watercolor world of “KYBOE!.” These watches weren’t just colorful; they were huge! These wrist-clocks had an enormous 55mm diameter and wrapped around your wrist like a set of psychedelic handcuffs. As you may recall, 2009 was not the most auspicious moment in which to start any luxury business—and yes, even a $200 watch is a luxury. In any case the duo managed to gain traction in various markets around the world and developed a following, even against the odds. What they didn’t know at the time was that one of their biggest fans (who actually purchased more than 100 “KYBOE!” watches himself) was later to become a partner; enter Marc Bell, a serial entrepreneur with a track record of identifying early trends and growing successful companies. “I own a number of AP, Hublot and Richard Mille w atches, and no one ever commented on the watch I was wearing until I started wearing KYBOE!. Everyone started asking where they could get one, and their size and design always seem to get the most attention and elicit the most comments. I loved the watches so much I had to invest in the company. People adore the big, bold, bright colors and AboutTime Magazine | FASHION 19