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L ife-long friends and “KYBOE!” co-founders Dick Sijmons and Kees de Bruïne (Nana called him kyboe) shared a variety of mutual interests in music, travel and fashion among the brand. “KYBOE!” exudes an energetic and youthful impression that mimics the audacity of the two founders. I still remember a chance others. Since both were also fans of wristwatches, they decided meeting with these two gentlemen at the Baselworld fair as they to develop a line of watches that could at once express a sense of were first debuting their watches in 2009—two guys with a suitcase freedom and fun, but just as importantly be an affordable fashion full of watches sitting at the Ramada Bar dying to show anybody that accessory that anyone could own. Inspired by the vibrant fields of would give them the time of day their new babies. In an era prior to flora in their Netherlands home, “KYBOE!” watches launched a magazine like AboutTime, the staunchly high-brow corps of “jour- in 2007. nalists” in Basel had little time for a fashion brand that would sell for Sijmons and de Bruïne were not watchmakers by trade, nor was their goal to create the next great mechanical timekeeping investment. Rather, the idea here was pure pleasure. Big and bold $190-$530, but the owners’ enthusiasm was contagious. That and a free beer, and you had my attention. Once the case of watches opened before me I almost felt like and as colorful as a kaleidoscope, the friends applied their ex- I had to adjust my eyes. Kind of like when you first wake up in the panded palette on a simple, solid case design that would allow the morning and the lights turn on and it takes a moment for your eyes bold colors and textures to create the impact and character of to adapt. It also took me another minute or two to put aside my own NEON COLLECTION AboutTime Magazine | FASHION 17