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MARCH 17 – 24, 2016 BASEL – SWITZERLAND THE Baselworld is universally recognized as the premier event and trendsetting show for the global watch and U N M I S SA BL E jewellery industry. What makes it unmissable is the T R E N DSET T I NG brands choose Baselworld as the venue to unveil their SHOW fact that 1,500 of the world’s best and most reputed latest innovations and creations thereby attracting some 150,000 attendees from every corner of the earth. Only in Baselworld will you find all the key players representing every sector from watchmakers to jewellers, from diamonds, pearls and gemstones dealers through to all the relevant suppliers. BUSI N ESS A N D M E DI A E F F E CTS R E V E R BE R AT E A ROU N D T H E GLOBE W H ER E EMOT IONS A R E E VOK E D A N D DR E A MS COM E A L I V E Baselworld becomes the focal point of the whole world for eight days a year, as this is where the tone for an entire industry is determined, and trends defined. Within the 141,000 m 2 hallowed halls of Baselworld and amidst the fabulous pavilions of the most innovative and successful global brands, wonders are just waiting to be discovered. Beyond the amazement and excitement lies a bountiful world of business opportunities. The most influential brand CEOs, retailers and press representatives unite under one roof to create this singular setting. More than 4,300 journalists attending and disseminating real time show news to every corner of the planet, help propagate these trends around the world. As the one and only show where the watch and jewellery industry first presents its innovations and new collections to the market, Baselworld is and remains the most unique annual event. Don’t miss this window of opportunity to witness the spectacular collection of luxury goods, brands and lifestyle. We invite you to dive into this wonderland and be a part of the most important trendsetting show in the world. baselworld.com