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E Editor’s Note Steve Lundin steve@isochronmedia.com accept this call – how hard could it be – this is Apple after all! I answered, and took the call through the watch, not the phone’s receiver, as I had thought/hoped would happen. The damn thing worked. I just conducted a phone call through my watch. I was How I learned to shut up and wear the Apple watch Dick F**king Tracey, James Bond and Austin Powers all rolled into It felt weird at first. I ordered my Apple watch online, then trucked that has been on my bedside for the past five years. I found myself down to the local mall to the Apple store, with all the other myself reaching for it when I headed out for a meeting, knowing common folk, to be moved through a series of greeters towards that it would discreetly alert me to incoming emails. I could sense my new gold cased, blue strapped toy. It was on my wrist within the dust gathering on my Rolex, Breitling, Dodane, Ulysse Nardin, ten minutes of arriving. No white gloved hands tried to intimidate Tudor and the rest of their Swiss cousins in my safe. At least I me into buying the latest mechanical Swiss marvel; my chaper- didn’t have to see their glowering dials, which collectively spelled ones on this experience were a group of spikey haired, tattooed out “traitor.” millennials who couldn’t tell you the difference between an escape- It has been four months since the Apple became an almost ment and a deployment strap, and would never have to. I was daily wear companion. And while I haven’t worn it to that many determined to hate it. “important” business meetings, it has been on my wrist more than I couldn’t bring myself to take my Girard Perregaux off my right any other watch in the collection. Its allure, for me, is its ability wrist, so I defiantly left the store wearing two watches. I instinc- to track my progress through the day. If I’m walking without the tively checked the time on my GP as I walked out into the night, watch I feel that that I’m missing the opportunity to notch my belt and found it uncharged and unreadable. So I slipped up my left with miles logged. I have gotten used to relying on its Swiss army sleeve to look down at the ready, brightly glowing dial of the knife collection of features, and I even like the way it looks. My Apple. Its digital face actually looked like an automatic watch, with one creeping regret with the Apple is not having purchased the an evenly flowing second hand. Imposter. “I hate you,” I said to gold edition, but maybe I’ll wait for the next iteration before biting myself, somewhere, trying to push aside the little tiny bit of admi- that bullet. After all, $10,000 is Rolex Daytona territory, and in ten ration I felt for this interloper. It felt like being sexually aroused by years the Daytona’s still going to hold its value while the Apple will the Mona Lisa. be no more than another piece of scrap gold. one. It was magical. Now I really, really hated it. The commitment to actually wearing the Apple grew slowly over the next few days. It began with a review of the apps, and the watch became a tool. I brought it to the gym with me and tracked my running. I used its alarm features, instead of the Omega X33 On the way home something happened that spelled the beginning of the end of my resistance: the watch rang. That’s right, a call came through. I rapidly jabbed at the watch face, attempting to 4 FASHION | AboutTime Magazine Steve Lundin, Editor