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NTH Subs By Chester Hopkins New Brand Gives A Nod To History S hould an homage watch improve on the original? And, if so, “The Sub is arguably the most recognized and desired of all watch what would constitute an improvement? For Chris Vail, and the designs. We’ve always admired it, but with so many homages already makers of the new NTH brand, one clear element called for an out there, never saw the point in making one,” said Vail. “Thankfully, upgrade in their new line of submarine inspired watches – size. “First we designed the case we wanted,” said Vail, president of Janis Trading Company in Pennsylvania, which also produces Lew and Huey watches. “Most sub(marine) homages are larger and thicker we’ve got some persistent friends. They helped us understand what was missing, and what we could do differently, at a time when we were ready to hear it.” The result is the new NTH brand of seven different submarine-in- than the originals, many with a blocky shape. We set some aggres- spired timepieces. NTH is either pronounced “enth” as in Nth degree or sive goals – we wanted legit water resistance, in a case no more than N.T.H for Nod To History, whichever your image of the brand conjures 40mm wide and as thin as we could make it, but with an organic shape up for you. emulating the curves and lines of the original.” Originally, Vail and his partners were reticent to take on the sub- They are all 40 mm wide and only 11.5 mm thick, making them much lighter and easier to wear than most sub homages. And all marine genre of watches. After all, the waterfront is littered with brands come with the 28,000 VPH Miyota 9015, one of the best three-hand that have dove and never resurfaced after taking the plunge into the automatics on the market. Prices range from $600 to $675. Available sub watch depths. at janistrading.com Sub Lug View Sub Crown View 74 FUNCTION | AboutTime Magazine