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The range of colors and styling options are remarkable for such time capability. This means, at the push of a button, the local time is a mainstream brand as Seiko. You just don’t expect to see this many available to travelers anywhere they go in the world. Beyond this, the designs in one model from a brand of this size. The deep-dish models Astron is powered by a light-absorbing dial – any light, not just UV rays with the globe filling the dial – a common standard with world timers – from the Sun. create a layered look that makes the watch captivating and separates it from most similarly dialed models. Nevertheless, Seiko doesn’t want you to forget the technology put The watch is anti-magnetic, which the team on Asimov’s Odyssey would no doubt appreciate. The perpetual calendar and proprietary sapphire crystal are just two of the more than 20 features on the into this watch. In fact, all their offering material starts out by remind- Astron. The entire combination makes for a watch where style meets ing everyone the Astron was the first watch with GPS satellite, world- function in a remarkable way for any world traveler. AboutTime Magazine | FUNCTION 63