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T he word edifice evokes structures that are built to stand the test of time. Casio clearly had that in mind when they produced the latest line of Edifice watches for release at Baselworld 2016. The clear and easy-to-read multi-layered dials speak to the history of the brand, while the smart-phone interface for the world-timer speaks to the future. “We are always looking for new ways to provide cutting edge countdown function. The ECB and EQB versions shown here feature similar functionality with a full analog or ani-digi displays in the big 49 technology to our consumers as well as high quality products that will mm (10atm rated) case. Both are easy read for the person on the keep up with their busy lifestyles,” said David Johnson, vice president go and have and feature an LED light for the night, while they power of Casio’s Timepiece Division. “Thanks to new and exciting features themselves during the day via ambient light. like dual-dial display and world-time format, the Edifice is perfect for Currently the Edifice Bluetooth watches are only available on any businessman on the go, combining quality and functionality in an a bracelet, but fans of the type can easily source a myriad of after- attractive package.” market options. Those who prefer a bracelet won’t be disappointed Using a free smart-phone app, the wearer can easily set an additional time zone for any of 300 cities worldwide, which might actually be easier than cycling through the smaller buttons on the watch. with the three-link, sculpted design variations that come standard on the both watches. Retailing for $300 for the E6B and $380 for the EQB, the new The new Edifice also sports some unexpected features of value to Edifice is now available at authorized Casio points of sale as well as at any traveler, such as a thermometer, five independent alarms and a www.shopcasio.com AboutTime Magazine | FUNCTION 59