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Citizen By Chester Hopkins Citizen Satellites T he first impression is that it is just another world-timer watch – albeit a good looking one with a brand name on the dial you can trust. But then the words “Satellite Wave” come into focus. Wha t the heck is a satellite wave? Well, it’s an onomatopoeia if ever there were one. This watch literally rides a wave of satellites around the globe to make sure you never have the incorrect time on your wrist when traveling. At least in 27 world cities and 40 time zones that is.  Yes, there are officially only 24 time zones, but the 40 takes into account all the vagaries of daylight savings time, countries who add their own independent zones, etc. China, for instance and amazingly enough, only has one time zone for the entire country. Time zones are a tricky business that Citizen may have unlocked the magic of better than any watch on Earth. “The driving goal at Citizen is always to do things better and to make technology more accessible to everyone” said Jeffrey Cohen, President of Citizen Watch Company of America. “This new timepiece will bring satellite technology to a broader market of watch enthusiasts.” With a three-second relay time to the nearest GPS satellite, this latest version of globally positioned watches by Citizen incorporates all their previous technology and takes it to a fascinating new level. Beyond the GPS accuracy, this $1,150 timepiece includes a perpetual calendar, daylightsavings-time indicator, light-level power indicator and is 100-meter water resistant. It would be difficult to conjure up a better timepiece for the world traveler. Citizen notes that the watch has the fastest light charging time of any watch in it’s class along with the longest power reserve. The latest version also sports the quickest satellite-to-watch reception speed for syncing. The watch comes in several dial colors and configurations and is on the market now, most likely at your favorite watch retailer. 44 FUNCTION | AboutTime Magazine