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D Drive Time Drive Time Aerodynamic Coachworks Inspired by the legendary British racing cars Lotus and Caterham 7, the Seven watch from Tsikolia watches of Tbilisi, Georgia, (formerly UNIQ watches) is a design inspiration unto itself. The unmistakable look of these unique vehicles has fascinated and captivated car enthusiast worldwide for decades. The latest version of the Seven watch represents a design rich in automotive themes and the distinctive elements of the inspirational racing legends. An update of the original UNIQ model incorporates new, striking racing stripes that create a bold look that evokes speed on the wrist. The core of the timepiece’s design begins with the overall, original case construction, which resembles the car’s logo and grill. The etching of the word “Seven” directly on the stainless steel case front sets the watch apart immediately. The chronograph pushers are drawn from the engine valves and the crown is built in the style of a Helical Gear. The watch’s case back is a recreation of the fuel cap for the Seven racers. The dial displays only one number at the 7 position, which highlights the namesake. Raised hour and minute hands ensure the chronograph indicators and subdials are clearly visible. The inspiration extends beyond the case right into the strap, with racing-style air holes that have offset colors matching the dial to create a unified, finished appearance. MSRP $749 42 FUNCTION | AboutTime Magazine Drive Time