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D Drive Time Drive Time Drive Time sands Of Time Arguably, it’s the most grueling, challenging and scorching rally race on the planet. You only have to say “Dakar” to induce the sweats in anyone who knows the realities of this almost incomprehensible event. Just finishing the 5,700 miles through the deserts of South America is a significant achievement. But to come in first among private teams in 2015 and in the top five among the same group in 2016 is monumental. That is exactly what Vostok-Europe brand ambassador Benediktas Vanagas and his team from Lithuania accomplished. Vostok-Europe, based in Vilnius, Lithuania as well, is a boutique watch brand who builds pilot, sport and dive timepieces designed for extreme conditions. “Dakar is the toughest race in the world,” Vanagas says. “It is two weeks across a ten-thousand kilometer, wilderness race track. Half of it in high altitudes up to five kilometers above sea level. Another in high temperatures reaching above 45 degrees (Celsius).” This year, Vanagas premiered the new Vostok-Europe Rally Timer for the race, which is his signature edition watch.  38 FUNCTION | AboutTime Magazine “We are proud to announce that this year’s Rally Timer by Vostok- Europe has overcome all the tests thrown at it by the world’s ultimate race,” Vanagas told About Time. “There is no greater test for man and machine with competition of the top drivers and most professional teams in the world.” The new Rally Timer is a 48mm, 200 meter water resistant timepiece that utilizes an ISA Swiss analog/digital movement. The functions were custom programmed for Vanagas with a chronograph and special Rally Timer (similar to Yacht Timer) where the chronograph starts on a 30 second delay. This removes the need to activate the chronograph simultaneously while taking off at the start of the race. Other features include a countdown of up to 12 hours, which assists in managing the time elapsed each day of the race. The watch retails for $749. Vostok-Europe is represented by the Detente Watch Group in North America. www.detentewatches.com. 877-486-7865.