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like about the OTP is that it’s more aggressive looking than other models. The gray titanium, high contrast dial, sword hands, etc, just give it a cool edge. Plus the hint of blue gives you something to play off of. It’s an attractive watch, especially on leather, that looks great with jeans, etc. Conclusion Overall, the Steinhart Ocean One Titanium Premium 500 (or whatever mix of those words you choose) is a fun watch with a nice style that gets you some sub vibe, a hint of Pelagos and a dash of Benrus without being an homage to any of them specifically. That said, it’s not a very original watch, but it is good looking. At about $540, it’s a solid value for a watch with a Soprod A10, a ceramic bezel and decent lume. But, it also has flaws in the mediocre finishing, not-quite matching parts and shoddy bracelet. While $540 is a great price for a watch with that movement, I’d either want to pay more for better finished piece or the same for better finishing and a less boutique movement. Frankly, with the former option, at let’s say around $1,000 I’d also personally want a unique design with a case that wasn’t shared with so many other watches. AboutTime Magazine | Function 37