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STEINHART STRAPs had a very similar set of markings as the sub too. Straps and Wearability The OTP has 22mm lugs and comes with a titanium oyster-style bracelet. It’s the same bracelet as is offered on other Oceans, but made of titanium. And, unfortunately, it’s not great. The finishing on it is an odd, matte brushing that honestly feels like it wasn’t done yet… like there was another step before it got shipped out. It’s raw and off looking with a texture that reminds me of a chalkboard. It also scuffs really fast, getting more damage from light usage than most of my bracelets have ever gotten. The clasp is also cheap feeling when constructed in titanium, feeling like one I threw on an olive Nylon mil-strap, which also worked great. The day the fold over will just stop clicking in. Steinhart now has an military color works with some of the more mil-elements of the optional rubber strap with titanium end links that they might want design, while working with the titanium color and emphasizing the to consider making the standard strap until the quality here can be blue in the dial. Since the watch is titanium, on nylon, it’s very light figured out. and comfortable. Luckily, the watch looks great on leather and nylon. I imme- On the wrist, the OTP wears well. Once again, no surprises diately paired it with a Colareb strap I had around that has a drab for those who have owned or tried an Ocean One watch before. khaki color and a rough, sueded texture. It worked perfectly with Perhaps it is a touch lighter. At 42mm it’s a chunky watch, but the muted gray titanium case and brought out the blue a bit. Next, doesn’t look too oversized and works out proportionally. What I 36 Function | AboutTime Magazine