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LUME partially-voiding homage status. The surface is matte black, as to are in white, while the Titanium 500 is knocked out of a blue be expected, with standard sub-markings around the dial in white/ block. I like this approach to the text, once again using a touch of BGW9. The first departure from the norm is the relocated date unexpected color. The bezel, as previously mentioned, contains window, which is now at 6. This was a smart move as it makes full-lumed markers in typical sub-layout. The typeface and subtle the dial symmetrical and integrates better with the other markers. details are different, however. The type face is thin, and a bit Around the edge of the dial is a complete sub-departure, as far as I know, in the form of an angled chapter ring with a minute/ second index. Yes, there typical is an index of lines around the geometric and the lines are rounded out. It looks more Pelagos than sub, to be honest. The hands are the biggest departure, as well as surprise, main markers on subs, but the angled chapter ring is uncommon, and work really well with the watch. Rather than classic Mercedes and including blue numerals is unheard of. It’s also great looking. hands, or the more aggressive mil-sub arrangement, they went The ring itself sort of compresses the dial making the layout on with fat, straight swords in white with lume filling for the hour and the main surface feel tight, and well balanced. The flair of blue minutes. They simply look great on the dial. They are aggressive, then adds unexpected color to the mix, which works beautifully legible and make sense with the simple geometry of the markers with the otherwise black and white dial and gray titanium of on the surface. The seconds hand is then not the standard lol- the case. lipop, but rather a arrow tip in the same turquoise-y blue found on On the dial surface you’ll find the Steinhart logo below twelve, Ocean One and Titanium 500 above 6. The logo and ocean text the dial. All said, it’s a more aggressive, and more military feeling handset, bringing to mind Benrus Type 1s. Which in all fairness, AboutTime Magazine | Function 35