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STEINHART DIAL light of the watch. It’s a gorgeous movement, with perlage, blue which when paired with less-sub-like dial makes for a more modern screws, various graining and a gold tone Steinhart rotor. It’s also feeling watch. It sort of rides the line between being its own thing, a bit uncommon in general, though especially at this price point, and a sub-homage while trying to satisfy a craving for a more as Soprod is a smaller, more boutique movement provider than affordable Pelagos. That said, it’s in the titanium that I found the Sellita, Miyota or Seiko. most disappointment with the watch. The edges of the case are Something that did strike me about the window was that the a bit soft and the bezel, mid-case, crown and bracelet don’t quite OTP has a claimed water resistance of 500m, up from the 300m match in tone(the bracelet has other issues we’ll get to later). The of other Ocean One watches. While it’s likely not a hard/fast rule, bezel and crown appear lighter, the mid-case a bit darker, and the adding a display window seems like it would lower the WR as it bracelet darker still. The brushing on the mid-case is also very creates a potential breakpoint, and a place that needs more gas- weak, lacking texture. This likely all comes back to the “value” kets and seals. On top of that, since the WR is said to be higher of the watch, as cost must be cut somewhere, but for me sharp than the other watches, yet the engineering does not appear to lines and good finishing are worth the extra money. have changed, what accounts for the 200m increase?.. In reality, most people wont go 500m deep with it… or 300m, or likely even Dial 50m, so it won’t effect usage, but consider me a bit suspicious After the movement, the most exciting thing about the OTP is about that number. t he dial design. Yes, the sub-influence is still strong, especially The use of titanium is obviously a selling point of this watch, 34 Function | AboutTime Magazine when paired with the case, but they take it in a different direction,