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STEINHART S By Zach Johnson of Worn & Wound Ocean One teinhart is a familiar name to those of us who have been in- time, instead of being an homage to a specific Rolex reference, terested in affordable watches over the last several years. the watch went its own direction. The case became titanium, the When we were first getting into this world, their watches water resistance claims a depth of 500m, and the dial plays with offered a lot of bang for the buck, and looked good too, as they the sub-layout but is its own thing (or close enough). Clearly, it’s were largely homage watches or recreations of classic styles, like a play at the Tudor Pelagos, but rather than being a look-alike, fliegers and marines. Steinhart also manages to do something few they made something with similar stats and concept. Both being a other brands are able to, and seemingly with no great explanation modernized play on the Submariner. as to how, which is offer Swiss made automatic movements in watches that often cost under $500. What they lacked in original- Steinhart Ocean One Titanium Premium 500 ity, they seemingly made up for in style and low prices. Well, when Steinhart released the Ocean One Titanium Premium 500, the team here all felt that this could be their next hit. This 32 Function | AboutTime Magazine Case The OTP’s case, as the name clearly indicates, is made of titanium