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cover Story The ea by Zub rlier Naviga develo voskij and htor watches pment b is of the team, led touilt for Pojot N1 Ro cket m the odel. Examples of Poljot, Navigator and Buran watches Zubovskij and his partners built for Poljot and the 1st Moscow Watch factory in the 1990s. economic upheaval surrounding them. Zubovskij headed to the market with his suitcase of watches three partners agreed that watches could be a way to weather the economic situation they found themselves facing. Within a few in tow. Within two days, he sold all the watches and was able to weeks, they set themselves up as the distributors of Poljot (the pay the salary of all 15 members of the institutes team. largest watch brand in Russia at the time) and Vostok for the new Zubovskij realized that his skills as a physicist and engineer of radiometric equipment would not have any practical value in the current situation on the ground in Eastern Europe. “I came back and spoke to the people I worked with at the west they were becoming part of. They operated in this fashion for some time, but came to realize the watches built in Russia did not suit the taste or demands of the customers in the west they were servicing. The team then institute and told there there may just be a future in watches,” approached Poljot about the possibility of actually building new, Zubovskij says with a grin. different models in Lithuania under the Poljot name that would be After the successful sale of the watches, Zubovskij and his 28 FUNCTION | AboutTime Magazine exclusively for their market. Watches with styling, features, and