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M Mechanicals Jorg Gray Meet the Automatic President By Nick Lundin Few watches have the honor of instant celebrity status, and matic movement with a 40 hour power reserve; its graceful 26 even fewer have found their path to the limelight on the wrist jewel mechanism is visible through the exhibition case back. of a President. The Jorg Gray 6500, much to the chagrin of The movement is housed in a 41mm x 12mm 316L stainless the Secret Service for whom it was developed, is known to steel case. the pub lic as “Obama watch.” And while the quartz version It’s the little touches that really add style to this watch. Starting of this watch has been available for years, aficionados (such with the packaging (thank’s, we’ve already met), and continuing as myself) would always come back to the same question: all the way through the construction of the watch itself. The shouldn’t the most powerful man in the world be wearing an second hand is embellished with a Jorg Gray logo. The dial is automatic watch? Well, now he can, and so can you, if you multi layered. There are multiple index dial markers. The black decide to accept the mission, with the newly released Jorg leather band is bolded up with white stitching, and the stainless Gray JG6500-81. Let’s call it the (newly dubbed) “Automatic steel buckle is also signed. The dial is covered an anti-reflective President’s watch.” If only it was that easy in real life! coated flat sapphire crystal and the whole watch is covered Unboxing the new JG is a regal, err, presidential affair. The three year warranty. box itself is meticulous in detail. Open it up its gull-wing doors I’ll be honest with you, and it’s not because I intend to run for and you are instantly treated to the satisfying new car (watch) office this year as a write in candidate (I’m not 40); I have worn smell. Then your eyes shift their gaze onto the shiny chrome this watch every day since it arrived. It feels good. It looks Jorg Gray metal plate which is directly below the scintillating good, it keeps time well and it gets attention. It’s a thought- black face of the 6500. It’s probably the same feeling you’d ful design that just works. Frankly if it has the word “Swiss” get opening the doors to the presidential limo (IMHO). anywhere on it, this watch would be at least $2500. However, The 6500’s face is laid out logically, with three subdials and as a watch designed in the United States of America, it’s priced a date. The subdials are months, seconds and days, traveling to sell and be worn proudly by as many people as possible. clockwise around the dial, with a date display between fourth You can get yours for $895 directly from Jorg Gray. Hail to the and fifth. It’s powered by a Miyota 9120 multifunction auto- chief, baby! 22 FUNCTION | AboutTime Magazine