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Undone T he strategy to offer customized watches is expanding across the board in watch making. Whether a six-figure collectible, or a $125 “beater”, having a say in what your watch looks like brings a deeper personal attachment and makes a watch your own. Undone’s own approach to build a customized watch with your unique choice of components combines a solid sport watch base rated to 20atm with a reliable mechanical movement in the Seiko NH35a automatic mechanical. Both sides of the case are flat sapphire (unless you choose the solid steel back option) crystals and are nearly scratch-proof. With prices starting at around $400, each Undone watch is made to order according to the owner’s configurations. From the hands to the dial, or the bezel to the case and strap, an Undone watch can come to life as a traditional-looking sports watch – or a crazy caricature in bold or mismatched colors and textures. You can even personalize the crystal back with an image or the solid case-back with engraved copy. www.undone.watch 44 FASHION | AboutTime Magazine