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F ew brands propose an in-your-face design as bold as Icelink’s multi time zone six window watch. Over-the-top may not be strong enough to describe the effect of wearing a 63mm long by 40mm wide hunk of watch on your wrist. You might as well roll up your sleeves right now as there is little chance you’ll be able to hide this bad-boy under them. If you are the fashion forward type that appreciates this watch for its outside the box styling, then you’ll probably want to show it off anyway. Previously IceLink’s multi time zone watches had been designed and built with mechanical movements, precious met- als, and gems that placed them well out of the reach of the vast majority of consumers. Now, thanks to converting to quartz movements and taking a more commercial approach to the construction of the watch, the new 6TZ brings the same brazen disrespect for traditional archetypes to a much wider audience. Although the 6TZ is offered in two case sizes (62.7mm x 40.2mm or 45mm x 33mm) sizes, I’d hesitate to say that the large is strictly for the men – or the small exclusively for the ladies. More women are wearing huge watches as a fashion statement, and if a man likes the design but has a smaller wrist, there are plenty of combinations for those men that prefer not to have a table-clock sized watch on his wrist. Both sizes retail for $995 and you can see the wide variety of configurations on the IceLink web site. www.icelink.co sophieandfreda.com resultco.com AboutTime Magazine | FASHION 37