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Design Adviser Sou Fujimoto, Architect “ Brand Adviser Yoshiko Ikoma, Fashion Journalist HOSOO a Kyoto-based textile maker Ambiluna” by Citizen merges elegantly simple and modern designs gaining inspiration from the architect Sou Fujimoto and supervised by fashion journalist Yoshiko Ikoma. This new luxury watch collection embraces the concept of localmade craftsmanship and sharing traditional skills and techniques with a new generation of powerful women. Under the concept of “absolute light.”, Sou Fujimoto combines these two conflicting elements into this watch through the use of light and design. By purposely frosting sapphire crystal, which normally features superior transparency, the “Moon-Glazed Sapphire Crystal” is used throughout the collection. The case is constructed of Super Titanium™, which uses CITIZEN’s proprietary surface hardening technology resulting in an extraordinarily scratch resistant surface. The “ Nishijin” material used for the watch strap is specially designed for this collection and is crafted by a 350-year-oldKyoto textile manufacturer “HOSOO”, who also weave Nishijin fabric for traditional Japanese Kimonos. In addition to the Limited Edition strap model the Citizen L Ambiluna collection also includes an unusual bangle bracelet model. This model features an “Urushi-Drop,” crafted in the traditional Japanese lacquer. Handcrafted so no two models are exactly the same, the color and lacquer layers will differ slightly, creating their own unique reflections of light. The varying brilliance created by the Moon-Glazed Sapphire Crystal and the Urushi-Drop are blended on a simple bangle. A diamond drop positioned between the case and the Urushi-Drop at 12 o’clock adds a touch of sparkle to the design. Retail price will land right around $1,850 AboutTime Magazine | FASHION 33