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Movado Horwitt, Movado’s Museum watch was a stark and striking take on the wristwatch. Defined only by a solitary gold dot at 12 o’clock symbolizing the sun at high noon and void of any numerals or distractions on the dial its simple moving hands suggest the daily rotation of the earth on its axis and was accepted into the permanent collection of MoMA in 1960.  “As a designer, it is both daunting and an exciting challenge to design for Movado, a watch brand that is both universally recognized as a modern pioneer, and at the same time accessible.” stated Yves Béhar, Founder and Principal Designer, fuseproject. “The opportunity to stand out, to stand for something can be rare in watch design. The central idea of the Movado Edge design was 30 FASHION | AboutTime Magazine achieved through the use of new materials, textures and threedimensional construction – the dished shapes catch the light beautifully and have the effect of drawing the eye inside of the watch. As the user’s wrist moves, the design changes constantly, symbolically speaking of time as the indicator of change in our lives.”  The new dial reinterprets Horwitt’s original vision in three dimensions, with the signature dot emerging from the dial’s curved surfaces along with turbine-like ridges subtly marking the minutes. This design tour de force represents an elegant redux that in no way overwhelms the gravitas of the original. Variations on the new these come in 34, 40, and 42mm cases in a variety of styles with prices range from $495-$1,195. www.movado.com