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Horwitt Meets Behar U pdating an iconic design has its risks. Purists may cry foul, but on the other hand, time moves ever-forward and simply stamping out the same design year over year has its own risks, and with a brand who’s name means “always in motion” in Esperanto, stagnation is really not an option. Up to now the brand has elaborated the austere dot-on-dial design first proposed by Nathan George Horwitt in a variety of looks that in some instances overwhelmed the minimalist nature and purity of the design. Coming back to the roots of what made the Museum watch great, Movado has engaged the services of another industrial designer to interpret the original, without losing the essence of what made it great in the first place. This new Museum design is called the Edge collection and was developed in collaboration with industrial designer Yves Béhar and his design firm fuseproject. Uniting the talents of two of the most important industrial designers of the last 70 years, Nathan George Horwitt and Yves Béhar, Movado has brought innovation and sophistication to the legendary Museum dial. “I met Yves at the Aspen Ideas Conference in 2013 and we immediately connected through our deep appreciation of design,” said Efraim Grinberg, CEO and Chairman, Movado Group. “The idea of looking at Horwitt’s original Museum Dial concept through Yves Behar’s design-focused vision was a compelling prospect for Movado and we are extremely proud of the result. The Movado Edge collection offers a stunning new interpretation of Movado’s iconic signature – it is so distinctly and uniquely Movado, we decided we did not need to include the logo on the dial.”   First created in 1947 by artist/designer Nathan George AboutTime Magazine | FASHION 29