ABClatino Magazine Year 3, Issue 6 - Page 17

Myths and legends of Latinoamérica - Bachue

This myth of Bachue, which belonged to the Chibcha civilization, says that between “Tinjaca” and “Hunza”, which are names of regions that have disappeared, and where we can find some villages like Villa de Leyva today, there is a beautiful small lake which is called iguaque.

One morning, long ago, as the sun had started to shine, dispersing the fog on the lake, and the sky was blue, silence was broken by birds that were announcing great and mysterious events. The air and the exotic nature which were in happy expectation saw that the waters were starting to undulate, but they couldn’t figure out what was happening.

From the Deep waters, the image of a beautiful woman – whose beauty could only be compared to that of a goddess-, emerged with a child who was three years old: Bachue had been born.

After they had come out on shore, they went into far away lands where she pointed out a place to build her home. When the child had grown up, they got married and had many children, and that’s how human beings were created and the earth populated...

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