ABClatino Magazine Year 3 issue 5 - Page 9

L e t´s T a l k H e a l t h


These vary from person to person. Someone may become quiet and withdrawn. Others may feel depressed, or be angry and lash out. Sometimes stress can cause physical symptoms, such as headaches, upset stomach, anxiety, or even muscle tension, often in the shoulders and neck.



it is important to sleep well, eat healthily, exercise, get time to self -care, smile and laugh.

Find support in friends and family is also important.


One thing that everyone of us has experienced, whether for just an hour or a day, or even prolonged periods, is stress. This is a reaction in our minds and bodies to things that are challenging to deal with. Stress can be normal, sometimes even helpful to avoid danger. However, when stress becomes prolonged or it starts to cause significant distress, it can affect our mental or physical health.


Sometimes the problems that cause stress are solved and the stress prevented. Other times, preventing stress is no a easy thing to do. Life brings stress and is a matter of how each person treats it

Abraham Young MD,

Family Practice

The HRHCare Health Center

at Amenia

furthermore, being part of community groups will help as well as visiting the doctor when you realize the stress is excessively constant.