ABClatino Magazine Year 3 issue 5 - Page 17

The role of Colombia at this stage of the Venezuelan crisis is not tangential, but rather central. Vanguard is the articulating country of the international siege against the regime of Nicolas Maduro. However, Colombia did not reach that point overnight, the animosity with the administrations of the late Hugo Chaves entered a high-intensity level due to the actions of Nicolas Maduro against Colombians in Venezuela

Diplomatic Siege

Juan Carlos "Pocho" Salcedo Twitter @pochosalcedo


and against the country itself.

Colombia understands that the success or failure of its actions against the Venezuelan regime will determine its destiny in a significant way, at least for the next decade. We speak with a Colombian diplomat and internationalist about it.


At the moment this magazine is published, an attempted military coup is playing out in Venezuela to bring down the elected government. This in spite of the declarations that force was not an option...